We offer annual maintenance services (AMC) to our customers, our Annual Maintenance package ensures that you get the highest level of support and service, when you need it the most.

We offer two types of services to all our AMC clients
  • Comprehensive AMC
  • Non-comprehensive AMC

Annual Maintenance Contract:

In today’s world, when almost all business processes have become dependent on Computers and Telecommunication, a problem at a wrong moment can prove disastrous for your business. We take Annual Maintenance Contract of Large, Medium, Small business house, hotels, industrial house, to encounter problems being generated due to software, hardware and network failure.

Information Technology [IT] Support:

Properly maintaining your Computers, Printers, Telephone Systems and Network, will add years of trouble free ownership, decreased TCO (total cost of ownership) and increased productivity from your computer users.

We have a highly trained and qualified service engineers. They are easily & quickly available to help you with your PC or network problems.

If you or your staff require one-on one basic, intermediate or advanced training services customised to suit your needs we have the skills to listen, plan and implement a training path. All training is backed by ongoing telephone support.

Your network is the backbone of your business. Faulty or slow configurations can affect the efficiency with which you use your computers. With the huge amount of man-hours so far spent by us on providing networking solutions, we help you attain best possible speeds from your network.

The only constant is change. With technology changing so rapidly, how do you know what you purchase today will work tomorrow? How can you keep up with and take advantage of the latest hardware and software offerings that will increase your productivity?

Sometimes all you need is someone to help you navigate your way through the rapidly changing sea of technology or maybe you just want a little advice or a second opinion for reassurance and peace of mind. We endeavour to know your business so that we can offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your technological requirements. We are proud to enable our customers to grow through technology.

We can set-up your temporary office, computer network, satellite office, special events offices, sporting events, corporate events, conventions and transitional network set-ups.

We understand that your company needs a partner who is not nearly a box pusher but understands two things.
  1. The latest technology launches & new product.
  2. How to deploy these new technologies & products at your site, so that it results in savings of time, money, manpower & space.

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